Vintage industrial Rolls Royce jet airplane wing aircraft table desk

Vintage industrial Rolls Royce jet airplane wing aircraft table desk


Title: 747 wing with hinge



Here is a stunning massive wing from a Rolls Royce jet aircraft; parts like these are impossible to source so I’m fortunate to have them in stock (See my other listings). This particular wing has a hinged joint that runs down the middle enabling it to move up and down or it could be secured if you want it to be stable. This wing also has a right angle tip at one end of the wing that was originally for aerodynamic purposes; this is a great feature of the wing  and something you would expect for the best engineering in the world. Parts like these cost hundreds of thousands to make a manufacture, these were made to complete millions of air miles and mistakes are not an option.


Both sides of the wing could be used to great effect and there is interesting aircraft writing that adds to the look if you wanted to keep it in original condition.


Possible uses and ideas:

This is a sand out, star item that would look incredible in any industrial environment, from your flat to your work place.

These make amazing tables, anything from a dining table in a restaurant to an office conference table. You could remove the paint and polish the bare aluminium to make it gleam and shine. These make great bars or even a group-seating area or bench. The possible uses are endless. Whatever you do, it will be a one off.


Dimensions in CM:

238cm long x 126 cm tall


(If you can picture the longest length on the floor the top 3 angles are 211cm x 36cm x 128cm)


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