Vintage industrial bulk head wall strip lights lamps proof spark explosion

Vintage industrial bulk head wall strip lights lamps proof spark explosion



Vintage industrial factory bulkhead lights lamps proof old steel theatre furniture



This listing is for ONE light only.


These are amazing strip lights from an old spraying factory just outside of London. These are incredibly heavy and very rare items that I have yet to come across before.


This has bolts, which allows you to open up the base. This has light scratches in the glass due to the age. I only mention as some people don’t understand these are not new items, the majority understand the rarity of these items.


These originally played a very important safety role in the spray factory. The fluorescent tube is housed in incredibly thick 10mm glass tubes. All the metal is heavy-duty steel. The reason for the glass is so that when they were turned on, the small electric spark that occurs in all electric items is contained within the light, and not exposed to the environment. The fumes and fine dust partials that spraying creates makes the factory a volatile and potentially explosive environment which means that you have to remove all chances of sparks happening. The original electric cables were also fire proof allowing them to stay working in the event of a fire.


Possible uses and ideas:

These lights are amazing items; pictures just don’t do them justice. These are quality precision-made heavy-duty objects that were built to last forever. No short cuts were taken when these were made, like most items made in England at the time. These lights would look great hanging from a bar on two wires or attached upright drilled against the wall.

They are star items and would make great talking pieces.


These are vintage used lights, these are not immaculate new items, and as a result some have warring of paint or small paint drops. You are more then welcome to come and hand pick the lights you want.


As with anything electrical have them tested and you must get a professional to install, please don’t tamper with anything electronic if you’re not a professional. I accept no responsibility once these leave me.


Dimensions in CM:

50 cm tall x 40 cm wide and very heavy


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